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15 May 2007


Jan in PA

I'm tickled you're back. I have been known to disappear just when things are getting interesting, so I figured that's what was happening to you. I just kept popping my head in every once in a while to check on you!

Sounds like life is good...so enjoy. Don't worry about your readers, we'll wait!

Happy almost summer!


SOOOOO stinkin' cute!! LOVE the AH prints. Great minds girl....great minds. ;)


Yay! A new post!! :) I LOVE the Shimandsons blog. Lurk there often myself. Your sewing projects are awesome! I'll have to give that style a try. Always looks like fun and I always mean to give it a try and get sidetracked with other projects. Fun fabrics you've used too and I LOVE love LOVE the tags. So glad you've started blogging again. :)


What a whirlwind you've been in! Congrats on the new house. Hope things settle down to normal again for you soon.

I love the patchwork stuff! How cute is that?


Oh, wow, your creations are amazing! Where did you get that delicious fabric?? LOVE it! The numbers one is to die for. And those quilted towels... MUST try my hand at those soon!


Oh..wow..those are sooo cuuuute!!! love the blog too:)


It's all T-totally adorable. So nice to see you poke your head out. Congrats on the new house!


oh my goodness ... i've been lurking on your blog for a while (saw the link on SMJ's bloggie) .. but HOW CUTE are those towels ???? i want them !! heehee!! tooooooo stinkin' cute ... i'm house hunting now so all i think about is how cute things will look in my new kitchen :) LOL ... my husband is going to have to restrain me big time when we ever close on somthing! thanks for sharing!


I saw your link on SMJ blog and just had to ask you if you sell those Cuuuute little atritst paper and crayon holder and the cute little bag to go with it?? Those would be a dream to bring to church for my little girl, and I LOVE those fabrics!! Anyway, just thought I would ask 'cause I totally love them!!!


Oh...I just found you...keep posting:))))


testik cool 2

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